Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy birthday, Ask a Biologist!

Well, it's actually this coming Friday (the 14th) but since this is a good chance to promote the site, why not start early?

Ask a Biologist is a Q&A website started up by University of Bristol graduate, Dr. Dave Hone. The unique thing about AAB is that unlike many Q&A forums around the internet, AAB's answerers are all either qualified PhDs, PhDs in training, or have a similar level of experience or qualifications. So there is a certain level of quality and authenticity to the answers provided. The questions are either answered by someone in the field or someone decently knowledgeable in the field with proper scientific research and citations to back it all up.

As with many forums, absolutely anyone can ask questions on AAB, sometimes even the contributors ask the other experts for opinions. But it is primarily aimed towards children and young persons still in school. So if you know of any kids aching to get some of their burning questions regarding biology, then please use this chance to direct them to

I am a regular contributor to AAB as well and if you are aware of the DinoBase Forum then you will find the layout almost identical - in fact they were both designed by the same web-designer and software engineer.


Will Baird said...

Hey Manabu!

I am going to be hosting the Boneyard paleo carnival next week. Would it be possible to grovel enough to get you to post either some new paleo art or some more nifty functional paleo morphology like you did for the sabre tooths?

Thank you!

Mambo-Bob said...

You wouldn't have to try too hard to get me posting. My blog's coming to its first anniversary later this week so I'm kind of building up to it...