Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blue Archaeopteryx

This is another rendering of Archaeopteryx, one I'd done before I'd done my red Archaeopteryx. Just like my red Archaeopteryx, I made this guy's head and neck quite fluffy. The colouring is loosely based on a blue jay because I really like blue jays. But also corvids in general; corvids are cool!

...but then in hind sight, it looks a bit too much like a corvid than an Archaeopteryx, I must admit, but this is all in an attempt to make Archaeopteryx look more birdlike rather than a feathered reptile; I think most of the artistic reconstructions out there are too reptilian. I wrote in my red Archaeopteryx post as well but I kind of like the idea that Archaeopteryx and other early birds had more fuzziness about them than widely depicted.

Before anyone says, "How is this an Archaeopteryx, it just looks like a bird?", look at the fluff on the tarsals. And look at the external nares at the tip of the premaxilla. Also, do look at the claws poking out from under the wing (maybe not so obvious but they are there). On the other hand, I didn't particularly make the claw on the second pedal digit noticeably bigger but it is just ever so slightly bigger.

I drew his picture with a mechanical pencil (B, 0.5) and coloured it using a cheap set of colouring pencils that I got at WH Smith about eight years ago.


Traumador said...

Very nice.

I do agree to many Archys look like Compies that have been tarred and feathered.

Though I think I kind of agree with your take. He is almost too much blue jay (having just watching some at a bird feeder yesterday their fresh in my memory... ah I love spring. Hopefully the Kingfishers will return soon :P). I think just a tinge of reptile in his snout would fix that though.

Cool to see the old stuff.

Hope all is well with you!


Albertonykus said...

Reptilian Archaeopteryx is certainly a widespread common. Most reconstructions of deinonychosaurs and oviraptorosaurs are overly reptilian as well. (I remember reading on Theropoda that most people don't draw "feathered dinosaurs", but "dinosaurs with feathers".)