Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fighter jet

Umm....so, this has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs, palaeontology or science at all, but I just drew an imaginary fighter jet. Here's the rough sketch to the left.

I scanned this into my computer and used Illustrator to trace half the outline and coloured it all in and flipped a duplicate to make it all symmetrical. Then exported it as a gif and used Photoshop to add in the details like shades, scorches, and oil stains.

The result is below.

It's still rough but I was just having a bit of fun. I guess I could brush up on this technique and apply it to dinosaur drawings...that'd be pretty cool.


Zach Miller said...

Well done! I can't draw machinations to save my LIFE, so I'm always impressed by people who can.

Mambo-Bob said...

Hehe, thanks. I'm really self taught so it's all just a matter of trials and errors...