Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Torvosaurus 3

Following yesterday's pencil sketch and digital line tracings, I've digitally colored in my Torvosaurus using Illustrator. I like Illustrator as it allows me to store the image in vector format thus I can scale it to any size without losing any resolution. Plus, more importantly, I can use layers to add different tones and texture. I guess you can do the same in Photoshop but I'm more used to Illustrator.

This one turned out to be a lot better than my Allosaurus as I've been spending the last two weeks preparing figures for my manuscript in preparation basically using pretty much the same technique but on photographs of skulls and reconstructing jaw muscles on them.


Zach Miller said...

Manuscript? Do tell, sir!

Mambo-Bob said...

Well, it's still in the works, but I'm tracing the evolution of biting performance in theropods, and testing to see if there are significant trends in evolution. The first part of this manuscript deals with bite force estimations in theropods and I spent about two weeks on Illustrator drawing jaw muscles onto modern archosaur skulls to illustrate how jaw muscles occupy space within the skull in modern archosaurs thus allowing inference in extinct theropods.

Traumador said...

Sweet drawing!

You're getting pretty awesome with illustrator.

Sounds like an exciting paper topic. Good luck with it!