Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Allosaurus fragilis 3

So it has been a while...and for my rehabilitation, I give you, tah-dah... Allosaurus again! Well, it could be any non-descript tetanuran theropod...from this angle anyway. Again, this is one of my series(?) of practice drawings, and for that, who else but Allosaurus? I have attempted this angle before but never as "good" as this one turned out to be - at least I think it looks good enough.

Anyway, I had a bit of a problem with my scanner when trying to upload this - it always came up with some weird faint line across the middle. I tested all sorts of different papers and book covers to see what the cause was. It came out fine on really strong colours and backgrounds with multiple colours so I determined it was something to do with white so I thought it might need some adjustments or something. And I found the callibration button! Woohoo! Such a simple thing and it takes a postgrad student nearly half an hour to figure out...


Zach said...

Good angle! Also, I like the new site layout. Much easier to read now. I have a lot of trouble scanning pencil drawings, because they come out so faint. I have to darken the scan and increase the...something. You've probably seen some of the obviously penciled drawings on my blog. The finished scan is almost yellow, which bugs me, but I don't have time to ink EVERYTHING! :-)

Mambo-Bob said...

As always, thanks for your comments Zach!

Yeah, I got fed up with that long and narrow text box format...I liked the colour scheme but made it difficult to layout around pictures.

And I get what you're talking about with scanning pencil drawings...the scanner picks up any faint smudges or even the colour of the papers - so I try and get as white a paper as I can.