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"Is there a palaeobiologist on board?"

"Is there a doctor on board?" This is one of those lines you hear in movies, dramas, cartoons, etc. but you never expect to hear in real life. But recently I actually heard this announcement on an airplane, though unfortunately I don’t know what the situation was, nor did I have the chance to find out if there really was a doctor on board, if he/she came forwards, and what happened afterwards. So no story there… But I did have a thought: “What if they wanted a PhD instead of an MD? And what kind of emergency situation would require the services of a PhD in palaeobiology?” Perhaps the following: Announcement: Is there a doctor in palaeobiology on board? Palaeobiologist (PB): Why yes, I happen to have a PhD in palaeobiology. Flight attendant: Thank goodness. Please follow me to the cockpit. PB: Certainly. - IN THE COCKPIT PB: What seems to be the problem? Pilot: We have a terrorist situation here and we need your ex