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Old drawings: Allosaurus, ambush predator

I was flipping through an old sketch book yesterday (only because I was looking for spare large-sized sketch paper for some possible figures in preparation for a manuscript I'm currently working on) and I came across a few old dinosaur drawings that I had completely forgotten about. I present one here. It's an Allosaurus  squatting behind some foliage waiting for the right moment to burst out to attack the group of Stegosaurus . It's even inching forward little by little to get to the perfect position. I wouldn't be surprised if Allosaurus was an ambush predator; lying in wait till the right time to attack, then sprinting up to its prey and delivering a slashing bite to inflict serious wounds to its prey. With it's relatively small teeth, Allosaurus  doesn't fit the bill for an average theropod (even though it is frequently cited as being the quintessential theropod). However, Allosaurus had an incredible gape and very strong neck muscles. So Bakker (1998)

How to test if your milk is about to go off

I just 'discovered' this morning that there is a way to test if your milk is about to go off even if it still looks, smells and tastes normal, although you know it's pretty old already. If that's the case and you're worried your milk is about to go off, then here's something you can do to see if it actually is close to going off: Take some of the milk and microwave it for about 30 seconds. If it's actually pretty old then the milk should curdle; if not, you've got yourself a nice cup of warm milk. Alternatively, you can pour some of the said milk into a cup of hot tea or coffee and see the same effect but you'll end up wasting a perfectly good cup of tea or coffee!