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Why Prometheus failed to ask the big questions it pretended to ask...

I suppose it's rather late to be commenting on a film from 2012, but I just recently came up with a reason why I didn't like the film Prometheus . Or at least one reason... When Prometheus came out, all the critics and many fans on the internet praised how the film asked big questions . I never got that. To me Prometheus didn't ask big questions, it only pretended to do so. For instance, it is made pretty blatant in the film that characters in Prometheus  are asking about where we come from. Were we created by a superior alien race? The answer is given to us right at the beginning of the film. So, yes. According to the opening sequence, the 'engineers' seeded the building blocks of life on primordial planets, presumably including Earth. We're given an answer even before anyone on screen asks the big question . Surely, this pretty much negates the whole purpose of having a big question  in the film... Also, films that really do address big questions ,