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Palaeoart: Pachyrhinosaurus

Finally, I have completed my Pachyrhinosaurus ! I started it around October of 2008 , but with the subsequent job hunt and pushing papers out I hardly had time to make progress with it, and it ended up taking more than two years. Anyway, here it is. This is mostly done by referencing some photos given to me by Traumador Tyrannosaur... well, mostly the skull that is; the body is a generic ceratopsian. My fiancĂ©e asked me "why do you keep drawing the same dinosaur?" to which I replied "...but they all have different horns". I'm not sure I convinced her but that's essentially centrosaurs in a nutshell; very diverse cranial morphology in an otherwise conservative body plan. I even read somewhere that Greg Paul lumped all centrosaurs into the genus Centrosaurus in his newest book The   Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs (but I haven't read it yet). When I draw dinosaurs, I usually just draw rough outlines of the animal with very limited skeletal reco